5 Letter Words With "Ter" – A Comprehensive List


When it comes to the English language, there are countless combinations of letters that can form words. One popular combination is “ter”, which can be found in many five-letter words. In this article, we will explore 5 letter words with “ter” and provide a comprehensive list of them.

The List

1. After – meaning later in time or following an event 2. Alter – meaning to change or make different 3. Cater – meaning to provide food or service for an event or occasion 4. Enter – meaning to come or go into something 5. Inter – meaning to place between or among things 6. Meter – meaning a unit of length or device for measuring 7. Niter – meaning a crystalline substance found in caves and mines 8. Outer – meaning located outside of something 9. Peter – a common male name 10. Rater – meaning someone who rates or evaluates something 11. Tater – a colloquial term for a potato 12. Terce – a religious term referring to the third hour of the day 13. Terne – a type of metal alloy 14. Terry – a common male or female name 15. Terga – the dorsal part of an animal’s body 16. Terms – meaning conditions or requirements 17. Terns – a type of seabird 18. Terra – meaning earth or land 19. Terse – meaning brief and to the point 20. Tether – meaning to tie or restrain with a rope or chain

Usage and Examples

Now that we have explored the list of 5 letter words with “ter”, let’s take a closer look at how these words are commonly used and provide some examples. 1. After – After the party, we went to the beach. 2. Alter – I need to alter my dress for the wedding. 3. Cater – We hired a catering service for the event. 4. Enter – Please enter your password to log in. 5. Inter – The teacher interjected during the student’s presentation. 6. Meter – The car’s speedometer read 60 mph. 7. Niter – The cave was filled with beautiful niter crystals. 8. Outer – The outer layer of the cake was decorated with frosting. 9. Peter – Peter is a kind and generous person. 10. Rater – The restaurant received a high rating on Yelp. 11. Tater – I love to eat tater tots for breakfast. 12. Terce – The monks gathered for Terce prayer. 13. Terne – The artist used a terne alloy for the sculpture. 14. Terry – Terry is my best friend and we have known each other since childhood. 15. Terga – The turtle’s terga was covered in intricate patterns. 16. Terms – The terms of the agreement must be agreed upon by both parties. 17. Terns – The birdwatcher spotted a flock of terns by the shoreline. 18. Terra – The astronauts explored the surface of Terra. 19. Terse – The boss gave a terse response to the employee’s question. 20. Tether – The dog was tethered to a tree while we went for a hike.


In conclusion, 5 letter words with “ter” are abundant in the English language and can be found in a variety of contexts. This list provides a comprehensive overview of some common words with this letter combination and their usage in sentences. Whether you are a student, writer, or just someone interested in language, exploring different words and their meanings can be a fun and rewarding experience.