500 Divided By 60: A Simple Guide To Understanding The Answer


Have you ever wondered what 500 divided by 60 equals? In this article, we’ll explore this simple mathematical equation and break it down into easy-to-understand terms. Whether you’re a student struggling with math or just curious, this guide is for you.

What Does 500 Divided by 60 Mean?

When we talk about dividing 500 by 60, we’re looking to see how many times 60 can fit into 500. This is a common mathematical operation that we use in our daily lives. For example, when we want to divide a pizza amongst our friends, we use division to figure out how many slices each person can have.

The Answer: 8.333333333333334

When we divide 500 by 60, we get the answer of 8.333333333333334. This answer is a decimal, which means that it’s a fraction that isn’t a whole number. In other words, it’s a number that’s between two whole numbers.

Why Is the Answer a Decimal?

The reason why the answer to 500 divided by 60 is a decimal is because 60 cannot fit evenly into 500. When we divide 500 by 60, we get a fraction that’s less than 1. This means that we need to use a decimal to represent the answer.

How to Round the Answer

When we get a decimal answer, we can round it to make it easier to understand. In the case of 500 divided by 60, we can round the answer to the nearest whole number or to the nearest tenth. If we round to the nearest whole number, the answer is 8. If we round to the nearest tenth, the answer is 8.3.

What Is the Remainder?

When we divide 500 by 60, we get a decimal answer. However, there is also a remainder. The remainder is the amount that’s left over after we’ve divided as many times as possible. In the case of 500 divided by 60, the remainder is 20.

Using a Calculator

If you’re struggling with division or just want to check your work, you can use a calculator to find the answer to 500 divided by 60. Most calculators have a division button that you can use to input the numbers and get the answer.

Real-World Applications

While 500 divided by 60 might seem like a simple math problem, it has real-world applications. For example, if you’re a cook, you might need to divide a recipe in half or double it. Division is also used in science, engineering, and finance.

Common Mistakes

When it comes to division, there are a few common mistakes that people make. One of the most common mistakes is forgetting to carry over the remainder. Another mistake is not putting the decimal point in the right place.

Tips for Success

If you want to be successful at division, there are a few tips that you can follow. First, make sure that you understand the basics of division. Second, practice regularly to improve your skills. Finally, use tools like calculators or division charts to help you when you get stuck.


Dividing 500 by 60 might seem like a small math problem, but it has real-world applications and is an important skill to have. By understanding the basics of division and practicing regularly, you can improve your skills and become a better problem solver.