Alexander Gilkes Height – Everything You Need To Know


If you’re interested in the world of art, fashion, and design, then you’ve probably heard of Alexander Gilkes. He’s a prominent figure in the industry and has made a name for himself as a successful entrepreneur and art connoisseur. However, one question that many people have been asking is: how tall is Alexander Gilkes? In this article, we’ll be exploring his height and other interesting facts about his life and career.

Who is Alexander Gilkes?

Alexander Gilkes is a British entrepreneur who was born in London in 1979. He graduated from the University of Bristol with a degree in English literature and went on to work for several prestigious organizations, including LVMH and Phillips de Pury & Company. In 2013, he co-founded a company called Paddle8, which is an online auction house for art and collectibles.

Alexander Gilkes Height

So, how tall is Alexander Gilkes? According to various sources, he stands at around 6 feet or 183 cm tall. This puts him in the above-average height range for men in the UK and many other countries. However, it’s worth noting that his height hasn’t been officially confirmed by him or his representatives.

Early Life and Education

Alexander Gilkes was born into a family of art lovers and grew up surrounded by paintings and sculptures. His mother was a curator at the Victoria and Albert Museum, and his father was a publisher. He attended Eton College, a prestigious boarding school in England, before going on to study at the University of Bristol.


After graduating from university, Alexander Gilkes worked for several years at LVMH, one of the world’s largest luxury goods companies. He then moved on to Phillips de Pury & Company, where he became a director and oversaw the sale of some of the most valuable artworks in the world.

In 2013, Alexander Gilkes co-founded Paddle8, an online auction house that specializes in art and collectibles. The company has become very successful, and in 2020, it merged with The Native, a digital art marketplace.

Personal Life

Alexander Gilkes has been in the news recently for his relationship with Maria Sharapova, the former tennis player. The couple reportedly started dating in 2018 and got engaged in 2020. Alexander Gilkes is known for his love of fashion and has been spotted at many high-profile events, including the Met Gala and fashion week in New York, Paris, and London.


Alexander Gilkes is a fascinating figure in the world of art, fashion, and design. While his height may not be the most important thing about him, it’s still an interesting detail for those who are curious about his life and career. Whether you’re a fan of his work or just interested in learning more about him, we hope this article has provided you with some valuable insights.