Merging tickets

Merging vs. absorbing

A ticket merge tin can be initiated from either the source ticket or the destination ticket particular page, or from the context, majority, or right-click menu of whatever ticket listing or widget grid.

Source tickets are
merged into
a destination ticket; the destination ticket
one or more source tickets. The different terms refer to the same operation, but indicate the direction of the process.

How to…

Transferred during a merge

Circumstances that forestall ticket merging altogether

  • The ticket you want to merge into another is a Problem or a Change Asking.
  • The ticket has posted time entries, charges, or expenses.
  • The ticket is currently existence worked by a Taskfire resource, or at least one Taskfire time entry exists on the ticket.
  • The ticket is currently outsourced or was previously outsourced.
  • The ticket is an insourced ticket.
  • The ticket has more than one,000 file attachments.