Bert Kish Longmire: The Renowned American Director

The Early Life of Bert Kish Longmire

Bert Kish Longmire was born on 14th August 1960 in Los Angeles, California. He was the youngest of four siblings and grew up in a family of artists. His mother was a painter, and his father was a renowned director in the film industry. Bert was exposed to the world of art and creativity from a very young age.

Education and Career

Bert Kish Longmire completed his graduation from the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts. He started his career as an assistant director and worked on various projects. He later moved on to directing television shows and movies.

Notable Works

Bert Kish Longmire has directed several critically acclaimed movies and TV shows. Some of his notable works include “The West Wing,” “ER,” and “Law and Order.” He has also directed movies like “Touched by Evil” and “The Perfect Marriage.”

Awards and Recognition

Bert Kish Longmire has received several awards and recognition for his work. He has won three Primetime Emmy Awards for his work on “The West Wing” and “ER.” He has also been nominated for several other awards, including the Directors Guild of America Award and the Golden Globe Award.

Personal Life

Bert Kish Longmire is a private person and does not share much about his personal life. He is married to his long-time partner, who is also in the film industry. The couple has two children together.


Bert Kish Longmire is an accomplished director who has made a significant contribution to the film and television industry. His dedication to his craft and his ability to tell compelling stories have earned him several awards and recognition. He continues to inspire and influence aspiring filmmakers with his work.