Coi Leray Teeth: A Complete Guide To Her Journey To A Perfect Smile


Coi Leray is one of the most promising young artists in the music industry today. With hits such as “No More Parties” and “Big Purr,” she has amassed a huge following on social media. But while her music career is on the rise, Coi Leray’s teeth have also been a topic of interest among her fans. In this article, we will take a closer look at Coi Leray’s teeth journey, from her early days to her current flawless smile.

Early Days

Before Coi Leray became a music star, she had a gap in her front teeth that was noticeable whenever she smiled. While some people embraced their gap, Coi Leray opted to get braces to close the space. This decision was made when she was still in high school, and it was an important step in her journey to a perfect smile.

The Braces Phase

Getting braces is never an easy decision, especially when you are in the public eye. Coi Leray had to deal with some negative comments from people who criticized her for getting braces. However, she did not let the haters bring her down. She embraced her braces and even shared pictures of her journey on social media.

During this phase, Coi Leray had to make some lifestyle changes to take care of her braces properly. She had to avoid certain foods that could damage her braces and also had to make regular visits to the orthodontist for adjustments. Despite the challenges, Coi Leray was committed to getting the perfect smile she wanted.

The Retainer Phase

After several months of wearing braces, Coi Leray’s teeth were finally aligned. However, her journey was not over yet. She had to wear a retainer to maintain the alignment of her teeth. Wearing a retainer can be uncomfortable, but Coi Leray persevered and wore hers diligently.

The Veneers Phase

After several years of wearing braces and a retainer, Coi Leray decided to take her smile to the next level. She got veneers, which are thin shells that are placed over the front of the teeth to improve their appearance. Veneers are a popular cosmetic dentistry option because they can fix a wide range of dental issues, including discoloration and chipped or misshapen teeth.

Coi Leray’s veneers have transformed her smile completely. Her teeth are now perfectly aligned, and she has a bright, white smile that complements her features. Her fans have noticed her new smile and have been quick to praise her for it.

Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Smile

Coi Leray’s journey to a perfect smile is a testament to the importance of taking care of your teeth. Here are some tips that can help you maintain a healthy smile:

  • Brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes each time.
  • Floss daily to remove food particles and plaque from between your teeth.
  • Avoid sugary and acidic foods and drinks that can damage your teeth.
  • Visit your dentist regularly for checkups and cleanings.


Coi Leray’s teeth journey is an inspiration to anyone who wants to improve their smile. From getting braces to getting veneers, Coi Leray has shown that it takes commitment and dedication to achieve a perfect smile. By following her tips for maintaining a healthy smile, you too can have a smile that you can be proud of.