Dermaplaning Vs Shaving: Which Is Better For Your Skin?


When it comes to removing unwanted facial hair, people often turn to two options: dermaplaning and shaving. While both methods can effectively get rid of facial hair, they differ in many ways. In this article, we will delve into the differences between dermaplaning and shaving, and help you decide which one is better for your skin.

What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a cosmetic procedure that involves using a sterile surgical scalpel to shave off the top layer of dead skin cells and vellus hair (also known as peach fuzz) from the face. This process helps to exfoliate the skin, leaving it smooth and radiant.

The Benefits of Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning has many benefits, including: – Improved skin texture and tone – Reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles – Increased absorption of skincare products – Brighter, more radiant skin – Removal of peach fuzz, which can trap dirt and oil

What is Shaving?

Shaving is a simple and effective method of removing unwanted facial hair using a razor. It can be done with a manual razor, electric razor or safety razor. Shaving is a quick and easy way to get rid of hair, but it doesn’t provide the same exfoliating benefits as dermaplaning.

The Benefits of Shaving

Shaving has its own set of benefits, including: – Quick and easy hair removal – No need for special tools or equipment – Cost-effective – Can be done at home

Dermaplaning vs Shaving: Which is Better?

When it comes to deciding between dermaplaning and shaving, it really depends on your skin type and personal preferences. Here are some things to consider:

Skin Sensitivity

If you have sensitive skin, dermaplaning may not be the best option for you. The sharp scalpel used in dermaplaning can cause redness, irritation and even scarring. Shaving, on the other hand, is less likely to cause irritation, as long as you use a sharp razor and a gentle touch.

Exfoliation Needs

If you’re looking for a deep exfoliation, dermaplaning is the way to go. It removes dead skin cells and peach fuzz, which can help to reveal brighter, smoother skin. Shaving, on the other hand, only removes hair and doesn’t provide the same level of exfoliation.

Frequency of Hair Removal

If you need to remove hair frequently, shaving is the more practical option. Dermaplaning is a cosmetic procedure that should only be done once a month, as it can cause damage to the skin if done too often. Shaving, on the other hand, can be done daily or as often as needed.

Tips for Dermaplaning and Shaving

Regardless of which method you choose, there are some tips you should follow to ensure the best results: – Always use a sharp razor or scalpel – Use a gentle touch – Use a moisturizer after shaving or dermaplaning – Avoid sun exposure after dermaplaning or shaving – Don’t use a razor or scalpel on irritated or inflamed skin


Dermaplaning and shaving are two effective methods of removing unwanted facial hair. While they differ in many ways, the choice ultimately comes down to your skin type and personal preferences. Whether you choose to exfoliate with dermaplaning or shave for quick and easy hair removal, be sure to follow the tips above to ensure the best results.