Do You Bring Gifts To A Gender Reveal Party?

The Trend of Gender Reveal Parties

Gender reveal parties have become more popular in recent years, where expecting parents invite friends and family to celebrate the gender of their upcoming baby. It’s a fun way to share the exciting news and involve loved ones in the celebration. However, as with any party, the etiquette surrounding gift-giving can be unclear. Should you bring a gift to a gender reveal party?

Gift-Giving Etiquette

First and foremost, it’s important to remember that a gender reveal party is not a baby shower. A baby shower typically involves gift-giving, while a gender reveal party is focused on the gender reveal itself. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t bring a gift.

Yes, You Can Bring a Gift

If you want to bring a gift to a gender reveal party, there’s no harm in doing so. Some guests may choose to bring a small gift or token to celebrate the occasion. However, it’s important to keep in mind that a gender reveal party is not a gift-giving event, so there’s no need to feel obligated to bring a gift.

What Kind of Gift Should You Bring?

If you do decide to bring a gift, keep it simple and inexpensive. A gender-neutral gift such as a children’s book or a onesie is a great choice. Alternatively, you could bring a small gift for the parents-to-be, such as a candle or a bouquet of flowers.

When Should You Bring the Gift?

If you do bring a gift, it’s best to bring it to the gender reveal party itself. This way, the parents-to-be can open it and thank you in person. However, if you can’t make it to the party, you can always send a gift in the mail.

Other Ways to Celebrate

If you don’t want to bring a gift, there are other ways to celebrate the gender reveal. You could bring a dish to share or offer to help with the decorations. The most important thing is to be there to support the parents-to-be and share in their joy.

What if You’re Unsure?

If you’re unsure whether or not to bring a gift, it’s always better to err on the side of caution. You could always ask the host or the parents-to-be if they would like you to bring a gift. Alternatively, you could simply show up with a small token of congratulations.

Gender Reveal Party Do’s and Don’ts

Whether you decide to bring a gift or not, there are a few do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when attending a gender reveal party. Here are a few tips:


– RSVP in a timely manner – Dress appropriately for the occasion – Bring a dish to share (if requested) – Offer to help with setup or cleanup – Show enthusiasm and support for the parents-to-be


– Assume you know the gender before the reveal – Bring a large or expensive gift – Criticize or make negative comments about the gender reveal theme or decorations – Drink too much or behave inappropriately – Come empty-handed (if gift-giving is expected)


In conclusion, whether or not to bring a gift to a gender reveal party is a personal choice. It’s always best to follow the lead of the parents-to-be and the host. If gift-giving is expected, keep it simple and inexpensive. Ultimately, the most important thing is to show up and celebrate the joyous occasion with the parents-to-be.