Do You Buy Gifts For A Gender Reveal?


Gender reveals have become increasingly popular in recent years, with expectant parents sharing their baby’s gender with loved ones in creative ways. While the focus is on the big reveal, guests may wonder if they should bring a gift to the party. In this article, we’ll explore whether it’s appropriate to buy gifts for a gender reveal and provide some gift ideas.

What is a Gender Reveal?

A gender reveal is a celebration where expectant parents reveal the sex of their baby. It can be a small gathering with close family and friends or a larger party with games and activities. The reveal can be done in various ways, such as popping a balloon filled with colored confetti or cutting into a cake with pink or blue filling.

Is it Necessary to Buy a Gift for a Gender Reveal?

While it’s not required to bring a gift to a gender reveal, it’s a kind gesture to show your support and excitement for the parents-to-be. Gifts don’t have to be extravagant or expensive, but rather thoughtful and heartfelt. If you’re unsure whether to bring a gift, check with the host or hostess beforehand.

Gift Ideas for a Gender Reveal

If you decide to bring a gift, here are some ideas to consider:

Baby Clothes

Adorable onesies, bibs, and hats are always appreciated, and you can never have too many. Look for items that match the baby’s gender or opt for neutral colors if the parents haven’t revealed the sex yet.

Baby Gear

New parents will need all sorts of gear, from strollers to car seats to diaper bags. Consider pitching in with a group of friends to purchase a bigger ticket item.


Books are a great gift that can be enjoyed for years to come. Choose classic children’s books or opt for books on parenting or childbirth.

Baby Essentials

Diapers, wipes, and other baby essentials are always useful and practical gifts. Consider creating a gift basket filled with these items.

Etiquette for Gift Giving

If you decide to bring a gift, here are some etiquette tips to keep in mind:

Wrap the Gift

Presentation is important, so take the time to wrap your gift nicely. Use gender-appropriate wrapping paper or opt for neutral colors.

Include a Card

A heartfelt note or card adds a personal touch to your gift. Congratulate the parents-to-be and express your excitement for their new arrival.

Don’t Overspend

There’s no need to break the bank on a gift, especially if you’re on a tight budget. Remember, it’s the thought that counts.

Consider Shipping the Gift

If you’re unable to attend the gender reveal in person, consider shipping your gift ahead of time. This ensures that the parents-to-be receive your gift in a timely manner.

The Bottom Line

While it’s not necessary to bring a gift to a gender reveal, it’s a kind gesture that shows your support and excitement for the parents-to-be. Consider practical and thoughtful gifts that will be appreciated and used. Remember to wrap your gift nicely and include a personal note. Have fun celebrating the new arrival!