Emily Compagno Married: A Beautiful Love Story


Emily Compagno is a famous American legal and sports business analyst, television host, and attorney. She rose to popularity due to her exceptional skills in the field of law and her love for sports. Emily is not only famous for her career but also for her beautiful love story. In this article, we will discuss Emily Compagno’s married life, her husband, and their love story.

Early Life and Career

Emily Compagno was born on November 9, 1979, in Oak Knoll, California, United States. She attended the University of Washington in Seattle, where she graduated with a degree in Political Science. After completing her degree, Emily went to the University of San Francisco School of Law and obtained her Juris Doctor.

After completing her law degree, Emily worked as an attorney in California. However, she was passionate about sports and decided to pursue a career in sports journalism. She started her career as a sports reporter for KXLF-TV in Butte, Montana. Emily then worked for Fox Sports in Tampa, Florida, as a legal analyst for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Emily’s Marriage

Emily Compagno is married to Jon Skoog, who is a former Marine Corps Officer and a professional baseball player. They met in 2015, and after dating for two years, they got engaged on September 13, 2017. The couple tied the knot on September 14, 2018, in a private ceremony in Italy.

The Love Story

Emily and Jon met in a bar in San Francisco, where Jon was watching a football game, and Emily was having drinks with some of her friends. They were introduced by a mutual friend and hit it off immediately. They started dating soon after and fell in love.

Emily and Jon have been together for six years now, and their love has only grown stronger with time. They both support each other’s careers and are each other’s biggest fans.

Emily and Jon’s Personal Life

Emily and Jon are both fitness enthusiasts and love to work out together. They also love to travel and explore new places. Emily often shares pictures of their adventures on her social media accounts.

Emily and Jon do not have children yet, but they have two adorable dogs named Henry and Pepper. They treat their dogs like their children and often share pictures of them on their social media accounts.

Emily’s Career after Marriage

Emily Compagno’s career has only grown after her marriage to Jon. She has appeared on various television shows as a legal analyst and sports commentator. Emily was also a co-host of the Fox News show, “The Five,” from 2019 to 2020.

Emily has also written a book called “Born to Party, Forced to Work: 21st Century Career Tips.” The book is about her experiences as a woman in the male-dominated fields of law and sports journalism.


Emily Compagno’s love story with Jon Skoog is a beautiful one. They have been together for six years now and are each other’s biggest supporters. Emily’s career has only grown after her marriage, and she continues to inspire young women to pursue their dreams. Emily and Jon’s love story is proof that true love exists, and with the right person, anything is possible.