Guy Tang Husband 2023: Everything You Need To Know


Guy Tang is a famous hair stylist and social media influencer who has taken the beauty industry by storm. His unique approach to hair coloring and styling has earned him a huge following on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. But behind every successful man is a supportive partner, and in Guy Tang’s case, that partner is his husband. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Guy Tang’s personal life and his relationship with his husband.

Early Life and Career

Guy Tang was born in Oklahoma City in 1981. He grew up in a family of hair stylists and was exposed to the world of hair care from a young age. After completing his education, Guy began working as a hair stylist in various salons before eventually starting his own salon. He quickly gained a reputation for his unique approach to hair coloring, and his salon became a popular destination for people looking for cutting-edge hair styles.

Success on Social Media

In addition to his work in the salon, Guy Tang also began sharing his hair styling techniques on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. His colorful and creative hair transformations quickly gained a huge following, and he now has millions of followers on both platforms.

Meet Guy Tang’s Husband

Guy Tang’s husband is a man named Almar. Not much is known about Almar, as Guy Tang has kept his personal life relatively private. However, it is clear from Guy’s social media posts that the two are very much in love.

Their Relationship

Guy Tang and his husband have been together for several years, and their relationship seems to be going strong. They often share photos together on social media, and Guy has even posted videos of the two of them dancing together.

Support from the LGBTQ+ Community

Guy Tang has been a vocal supporter of the LGBTQ+ community throughout his career. He has used his social media platforms to share messages of love and acceptance, and he has even created hair styles inspired by the rainbow pride flag.


While Guy Tang has faced some controversies throughout his career, they have mostly been related to his work as a hair stylist and not his personal life. For example, he has been criticized for using potentially harmful chemicals in his hair coloring products, but he has defended his methods and continues to be a popular figure in the beauty industry.


Guy Tang is also known for his philanthropic work. He has used his platform to raise awareness and funds for various causes, including disaster relief efforts and LGBTQ+ organizations.


Guy Tang is a talented hair stylist and social media influencer who has made a name for himself in the beauty industry. While he is best known for his colorful hair transformations, his personal life is also of interest to his fans. His loving relationship with his husband Almar is a testament to the power of love and acceptance, and his activism in the LGBTQ+ community has earned him a loyal following. As Guy Tang continues to expand his brand and influence, we can only expect to see more of his personal and professional accomplishments in the years to come.