How To Change Cash App Routing Number

How To Change Cash App Routing Number

How to Change Your Cash App Routing Number: A Comprehensive Guide

In today’s digital world, managing your finances has never been more convenient than with mobile banking apps such as Cash App. This article will provide a comprehensive guide on how to change your Cash App routing number, a crucial step when setting up or modifying your account.

Understanding your routing number is essential for electronic fund transfers, whether you’re receiving direct deposits or making payments to other accounts. It’s important to keep your routing number accurate and up-to-date to avoid any potential delays or errors in transactions.

What is a Cash App Routing Number?

A Cash App routing number is a nine-digit code that identifies the financial institution where your Cash App account is held. It’s like a unique address for your money, allowing other banks and financial institutions to locate and transfer funds to and from your Cash App account.

Each bank or credit union has its own routing number, and Cash App uses the routing number assigned to the bank that holds your funds. This number remains unchanged regardless of your Cash App account’s activity.

Changing Your Cash App Routing Number

Changing your Cash App routing number is a simple and straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to assist you:

  1. Open the Cash App: Launch the Cash App on your mobile device and log into your account.
  2. Access Profile: Tap on the profile icon in the upper-left corner.
  3. Select Personal: From the menu, choose “Personal.”
  4. Open Cash App Account: Under the “Banking” section, tap on “Cash App Account.”
  5. Find Bank Details: On the Cash App Account page, you’ll find your current routing and account numbers.
  6. Contact Customer Support: To request a routing number change, you’ll need to contact Cash App’s customer support.

You can reach Cash App support by phone at 1-800-969-1940 or by email at [email protected]. Explain your need to update your routing number, and they will guide you through the process.

Tips and Expert Advice

Here are some tips and expert advice to keep in mind when changing your Cash App routing number:

  • Contact Customer Support Promptly: If you notice any errors or discrepancies in your routing number, contact customer support immediately to ensure timely correction.
  • Confirm Changes: Once you’ve changed your routing number, verify that it’s updated correctly in your Cash App account by checking the “Bank Details” section.
  • Inform Payers and Recipients: Notify anyone who sends you direct deposits or to whom you make payments of your updated routing number to prevent any transaction interruptions.


  1. Q: Why do I need to change my Cash App routing number?
  2. A: You may need to change your routing number if you switch banks or open a new bank account.
  3. Q: Is it difficult to change my Cash App routing number?
  4. A: No, it’s a relatively simple process that can be completed by contacting Cash App customer support.
  5. Q: Can I change my routing number by myself without contacting support?
  6. A: No, you’ll need to contact customer support to request a routing number change.
  7. Q: How long does it take for the routing number change to be processed?
  8. A: The processing time may vary depending on Cash App’s schedule, but it’s typically completed within a few business days.


Changing your Cash App routing number is essential for ensuring accurate and timely financial transactions. By following the steps outlined in this guide and seeking expert advice, you can navigate the process seamlessly. Keep your routing number up-to-date to avoid any disruptions to your financial flow.

Do you have any questions or require further clarification on changing your Cash App routing number? Feel free to ask in the comments below, and we’ll be happy to assist you!