How To Delete My Ea Account

How To Delete My Ea Account

How to Delete Your EA Account: A Comprehensive Guide

In the realm of gaming, Electronic Arts (EA) stands as a colossal force, home to beloved franchises such as The Sims, FIFA, and Apex Legends. However, there may come a time when you bid farewell to these virtual worlds and desire to close your EA account. Whether you’re decluttering your online presence or seeking a fresh start, this comprehensive guide will walk you through every step of the EA account deletion process.

Understanding EA Account Deletion

Deleting your EA account is an irreversible action that permanently removes all your gaming progress, purchases, and associated data from the EA servers. It’s crucial to note that this process cannot be undone or reversed, so proceed with caution. Before initiating the deletion, consider backing up any vital game saves or progress that you wish to preserve.

Step-by-Step Deletion Guide

Method 1: Using a Web Browser

  1. Visit the EA Account Management Page: Head over to in your preferred web browser.
  2. Log In to Your Account: Enter your EA account credentials to gain access.
  3. Select “Privacy Settings”: Click on the “Privacy Settings” option located in the left-hand navigation menu.
  4. Request Account Closure: Scroll down to the “Delete Account” section and click on the “Close my account” link.
  5. Confirm Deletion: Review the account closure information carefully and check the box to acknowledge that you understand the consequences. Click on the “Continue” button.
  6. Reaffirm Deletion: Enter your EA password in the provided field and click on the “Close my account” button to finalize the process.

Method 2: Contacting EA Support

If you encounter any issues or difficulties while attempting to delete your EA account through the web method, you can reach out to EA customer support for assistance.

  1. Visit the EA Help Page: Navigate to
  2. Choose a Contact Method: Opt for either live chat or phone support.
  3. Explain Your Request: Clearly convey your intention to delete your EA account to the support representative.
  4. Provide Verification: You will likely be prompted to provide your account details and additional information for verification purposes.
  5. Confirm Closure: Once the representative has verified your identity, they will proceed to delete your account.

Expert Tips and Advice

  • Back Up Your Game Progress: Before deleting your EA account, consider backing up any important game saves or progress using the cloud or an external hard drive.
  • Consider Deactivating First: Before committing to account deletion, consider deactivating your account temporarily. Deactivation allows you to retain your account data while preventing access for a specified period.
  • Check for Linked Accounts: Ensure that your EA account is not linked to any other accounts, such as Xbox Live or PlayStation Network, before deleting it.
  • Be Patient: Account deletion may take some time to process. Avoid logging into your account during this period to prevent any complications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I recover my EA account after deleting it?
A: No, account deletion is an irreversible process. Once your account is deleted, all associated data is permanently erased and cannot be restored.

Q: Will I lose my in-game purchases?
A: Yes, all in-game purchases, progress, and associated data will be permanently removed from the EA servers.

Q: Can I delete my EA account with pending transactions?
A: No, you must complete all pending transactions before proceeding with account deletion.


Deleting your EA account can be a necessary step for those seeking to declutter their online presence or move on from their gaming experiences. By following the steps and tips outlined in this guide, you can ensure a smooth and hassle-free account deletion process.

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