How To Do The Anonymous Questions On Instagram

How To Do The Anonymous Questions On Instagram

How to Ask Anonymous Questions on Instagram

Have you ever found yourself curious about someone’s life or perspective but hesitated to ask directly? Instagram now offers a discreet solution with its anonymous question feature. This guide will provide a comprehensive overview of how to ask anonymous questions on Instagram, empowering you to delve into deeper conversations without revealing your identity.

Unveiling the Anonymous Question Box

Instagram’s anonymous question box, known as “Q&A,” allows you to post a prompt on your story, inviting followers to submit questions anonymously. To access this feature, create a new story and tap the “Stickers” icon. Scroll down and select “Q&A,” then customize the question box prompt. You can encourage specific topics or ask open-ended questions to spark curiosity.

Setting Privacy Preferences

Once you’ve created your Q&A box, you can choose who can respond. Instagram provides three privacy options:

  • Everyone: Any follower can submit anonymous questions.
  • Followers you follow back: Only followers you reciprocally follow can ask questions.
  • People I choose: Select specific followers to allow questions.

Receiving and Answering Questions

As followers submit questions, they will appear in your Q&A box. To respond, tap the question and type your answer. You can choose to post the response as a new story or reply directly to the sender via direct message.

Tips for Anonymous Questioning:

  • Be Respectful: Remember that anonymity can sometimes embolden trolls. Avoid asking offensive or hurtful questions.
  • Be Creative: Don’t limit yourself to basic questions. Use this feature as an opportunity to gain insights, spark discussions, or share personal experiences.
  • Consider the Privacy of Others: While you can ask anonymous questions, be mindful of the privacy of the person you’re questioning. Avoid asking sensitive or inappropriate questions.

FAQs on Anonymous Questions on Instagram

Q: How do I make my questions completely anonymous?
A: Instagram ensures that all questions in the Q&A box are anonymous. The sender’s identity is not revealed, regardless of their privacy settings.

Q: Can I track the sender of an anonymous question?
A: No, you cannot track the sender of an anonymous question. Instagram protects the anonymity of its users, and there is no way to trace the origin of a specific question.


Whether you’re seeking advice, fostering open dialogue, or simply engaging in curious conversation, Instagram’s anonymous question feature provides a safe and accessible platform for anonymous interactions. By following these steps and adhering to respectful and considerate guidelines, you can harness the power of this feature to connect with others on a deeper level. So, are you ready to explore the world of anonymous questions on Instagram?