How To Root Vivo Phone With Pc

How to Root vivo Phone with PC: A Comprehensive Guide

Rooting a vivo phone with a PC is a method of unlocking its operating system, allowing users to gain elevated privileges and perform advanced functions. It’s a common practice for tech-savvy users who seek to unlock their phone’s full potential and customize it beyond its default settings.

Before proceeding, it’s essential to note that rooting your device may void your warranty and introduce potential security risks. Hence, it’s crucial to carefully weigh the benefits and risks before making a decision.

Preparing for Rooting

To successfully root your vivo phone, you’ll need the following:

  • A Windows PC with Administrator privileges
  • A USB cable to connect your phone to the PC
  • Latest USB drivers for your vivo model installed on your PC
  • A custom recovery (e.g., TWRP) downloaded and transferred to your PC
  • Magisk Manager APK

Step-by-Step Rooting Guide

1. Unlock Bootloader:

  1. Enable Developer Options on your phone (Settings > System > About phone > Tap “Build number” seven times)
  2. Enable OEM unlocking (Settings > System > Developer options)
  3. Connect your phone to the PC and launch ADB (Android Debug Bridge) using a terminal
  4. Enter “adb reboot bootloader” to reboot your phone into bootloader mode
  5. Input “fastboot oem unlock” to unlock the bootloader (note that this will wipe your device)

2. Flash Custom Recovery:

  1. Boot your phone into bootloader mode (see step 5 above)
  2. Enter “fastboot flash recovery [recovery_image_name.img]” to flash the custom recovery
  3. Select Recovery mode from the bootloader menu and boot into the custom recovery

3. Install Magisk:

  1. Copy the Magisk Manager APK to your phone’s internal storage
  2. In custom recovery, select “Install” and navigate to the Magisk Manager APK
  3. Flash the Magisk Manager APK and reboot your phone once the installation is complete

Verifying Root Status

To confirm if your vivo phone is successfully rooted, you can use a root checker app like Root Checker or SuperSU. Install the app and launch it to check for root privileges.

Tips & Expert Advice

  • Always back up your device before rooting to prevent data loss in case of any setbacks.
  • Carefully follow each step and ensure your PC and phone are properly connected throughout the process.
  • Use verified and trusted custom recoveries and Magisk versions to minimize security risks.
  • Once rooted, install a root-friendly file manager like ES File Explorer to access the root directory.

Rooting your vivo phone can unlock a plethora of possibilities, but it’s important to proceed with caution and consider the potential risks. By following the steps outlined above and adhering to the tips provided, you can safely root your phone and leverage its full capabilities.


  1. Q: Why would I want to root my vivo phone?

    A: Rooting allows for advanced customization, performance tweaks, installation of non-available apps, and access to root-level functions.

  2. Q: Is rooting difficult?

    A: With careful preparation and adherence to the steps provided, rooting is achievable for most users with basic technical knowledge.

  3. Q: Will rooting void my warranty?

    A: Yes, rooting typically voids the manufacturer’s warranty, so proceed at your own discretion.

  4. Q: Can I unroot my phone if needed?

    A: Yes, you can unroot by flashing the stock firmware onto your device, which will revert it to its original state.


Rooting your vivo phone with a PC can be a rewarding experience, expanding the functionality and customization options of your device. However, it’s crucial to fully understand the implications and proceed with caution. By following the comprehensive guide and embracing the tips provided, you can successfully root your vivo phone and make the most of its capabilities.

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