How To Transfer Tiktok Drafts To New Iphone

How To Transfer Tiktok Drafts To New Iphone

How to Seamlessly Transfer Your TikTok Drafts to a New iPhone

Who doesn’t love capturing and sharing memorable moments on TikTok? But what happens when you upgrade to a new iPhone and find your unfinished drafts left behind on your old device? Fret not! This comprehensive guide will lead you through the effortless process of transferring your precious TikTok drafts to your new iPhone, ensuring you never miss a beat in your creative endeavors.

Unlocking the Secrets of TikTok Drafts Transfer

TikTok drafts are a lifesaver, allowing you to save and refine your videos before sharing them with the world. However, when it’s time to upgrade your device, the prospect of losing these unfinished masterpieces can be daunting. Fortunately, TikTok has anticipated this need and provided two seamless methods to transfer drafts between devices: through a local backup or via your iCloud account. Let’s delve into each method in detail.

Method 1: Local Backup

  1. Prepare Your Devices: Ensure that both your old and new iPhones are connected to a stable Wi-Fi network and have enough storage space.

  2. Create a Local Backup: Open TikTok on your old iPhone and tap on the “Profile” icon in the bottom right corner. Select the three dots (…) in the top right corner and choose “Settings and Privacy.” Scroll down and tap on “Privacy,” then “Download your data” and select “Create New File.” TikTok will begin compiling all your account data, including drafts.

  3. Synchronize iPhones: Once the backup is complete, connect both iPhones physically using a Lightning cable. On your new iPhone, log in to the same TikTok account and authorize the data transfer. The transfer process may take some time, depending on the amount of data being transferred.

  4. Restore Drafts: Once the transfer is complete, launch TikTok on your new iPhone and navigate to the “Drafts” tab. All your transferred drafts will be available there, ready for your creative touch.

Method 2: iCloud Backup

  1. Enable iCloud Backup: On your old iPhone, go to “Settings,” tap on your Apple ID, and choose “iCloud.” Ensure that “TikTok” is enabled under “Apps Using iCloud.” This will ensure that TikTok drafts are included in your iCloud backups.

  2. Create an iCloud Backup: Navigate to “Settings” > “Apple ID” > “iCloud” > “iCloud Backup.” Tap on “Back Up Now” to initiate a backup, including your TikTok drafts.

  3. Restore from iCloud Backup: On your new iPhone, sign in with the same Apple ID as your old iPhone. During the setup process, choose to “Restore from iCloud Backup.” Once the restoration is complete, TikTok drafts will be automatically restored along with other app data.

Tips and Expert Advice for Flawless Draft Transfer

  • Keep Your Drafts Organized: Regularly review and organize your drafts, deleting any unnecessary ones to avoid cluttering your account and streamlining the transfer process.

  • Check Your Storage Space: Ensure sufficient storage space on both your old and new iPhones to accommodate the transfer. If needed, delete unwanted apps or files to free up space.

  • Multiple Drafts: If you have multiple drafts, consider creating separate local backups for each draft to avoid potential conflicts during the transfer process.

  • Patience is Key: The transfer process can take time, especially if you have a large number of drafts. Be patient and allow the process to complete without interruption.

Common FAQs: Your Questions Answered

  • Can I transfer TikTok drafts without losing other data?

Yes, using the local backup method, you can selectively transfer only your TikTok drafts without affecting other data on your iPhone.

  • Can I use a computer to transfer TikTok drafts?

Currently, TikTok does not offer a direct way to transfer drafts using a computer. You must use either the local backup or iCloud backup methods outlined above.

  • What if I don’t have access to my old iPhone?

If you no longer have access to your old iPhone, you will not be able to transfer your TikTok drafts using the local backup method. However, if you have enabled iCloud Backup, your drafts should be included in your iCloud backup and can be restored to your new iPhone.


With the methods and tips outlined above, transferring your precious TikTok drafts to your new iPhone has never been easier. Whether you prefer the local backup or iCloud backup approach, you can rest assured that your creative masterpieces will follow you seamlessly to your new device. So, keep capturing and creating, knowing that your drafts are always within reach with just a few simple steps.

Do you have any questions or additional tips to share about transferring TikTok drafts? We would love to hear from you!