Kathryn Feeney: The Rising Star Of Wikipedia


Kathryn Feeney is one of the most successful Wikipedia editors in recent years. She has made significant contributions to the online encyclopedia, which have helped millions of people around the world. Her work has been recognized by the community, and she has received numerous awards for her contributions. In this article, we will explore the life and works of Kathryn Feeney.

Early Life

Kathryn Feeney was born in New York City in 1985. She grew up in a small town in upstate New York, where she developed a love for reading and writing. She attended Cornell University, where she studied English literature and journalism. After graduating, she worked as a freelance writer and editor, before joining Wikipedia in 2010.

Work on Wikipedia

Kathryn Feeney’s work on Wikipedia has been nothing short of exceptional. She has made significant contributions to a wide range of topics, including history, science, and technology. Some of her most notable contributions include the creation of the pages on the history of the internet, the history of computing, and the history of artificial intelligence.

Feeney’s work on Wikipedia has been recognized by the community, and she has received numerous awards for her contributions. In 2015, she was awarded the prestigious “Wikipedian of the Year” award, which is given to the editor who has made the most significant contributions to the encyclopedia. She has also been recognized by the Wikimedia Foundation, which awarded her the “Wikimedia Star” award in 2018.

Challenges Faced

Working on Wikipedia can be challenging, especially for new editors. One of the biggest challenges is dealing with vandalism and misinformation. Feeney has had to deal with this issue on numerous occasions, but she has always been able to handle it with grace and professionalism.

Another challenge that Feeney has faced is the lack of diversity within the Wikipedia community. The majority of editors are male, and there is a significant gender gap on the site. Feeney has been a vocal advocate for increasing diversity on Wikipedia and has worked tirelessly to encourage more women to become editors.

Impact on the World

Kathryn Feeney’s work on Wikipedia has had a significant impact on the world. Her contributions have helped to educate millions of people, and her work has been used as a reference in countless academic papers and books. Feeney’s dedication to accuracy and integrity has helped to make Wikipedia one of the most trusted sources of information on the internet.

Future Goals

Despite her many accomplishments, Kathryn Feeney is not content to rest on her laurels. She has several future goals, including continuing to contribute to Wikipedia and increasing diversity within the community. She also hopes to inspire the next generation of editors and to help make Wikipedia an even better resource for people around the world.


In conclusion, Kathryn Feeney is a rising star on Wikipedia. Her contributions to the encyclopedia have been exceptional, and her dedication to accuracy and integrity is an inspiration to us all. We can only hope that more people will follow in her footsteps and help to make Wikipedia the best it can be.