Kevin Belton's Wife: A Look Into Their Married Life

Who is Kevin Belton?

Kevin Belton is a renowned chef, cookbook author, and television personality. He is widely known for his cooking show, ‘Kevin Belton’s New Orleans Kitchen,’ which airs on PBS. Belton has been a part of the culinary industry for over 30 years and has won several awards for his exceptional cooking skills.

Meet Belton’s Wife

Karen, the wife of Kevin Belton, is a private person and does not share much about her personal life on social media or other platforms. However, it is known that Karen and Kevin have been married for over 20 years and have two children together.

Their Love Story

Karen and Kevin met while working at a restaurant in New Orleans. At the time, Karen was working as a waitress, and Kevin was the head chef. They fell in love and got married a few years later in a private ceremony.

Their Married Life

Kevin and Karen have been married for over two decades and have built a strong foundation for their family. They have supported each other’s careers and have raised their children together. Despite Kevin’s busy schedule, he always makes time for his family and spends quality time with them whenever possible.

How Karen Supports Kevin’s Career

Karen has been a constant support system for Kevin throughout his career. She has been his biggest cheerleader and has always encouraged him to pursue his dreams. Karen handles the administrative work for Kevin’s business, allowing him to focus on his cooking and television shows.

Karen and Kevin’s Children

Karen and Kevin have two children together, a son and a daughter. Their children have grown up seeing their father’s passion for cooking and have also developed an interest in the culinary arts. They often help their father in the kitchen and are learning the tricks of the trade.

Kevin and Karen’s Favorite Dishes

Kevin and Karen both have a love for food and enjoy cooking together. Some of their favorite dishes to make include jambalaya, gumbo, and étouffée. They often experiment with new recipes and enjoy trying different cuisines.

The Couple’s Future Plans

Kevin and Karen have talked about their plans for the future and hope to continue working together. They plan to open a restaurant together in New Orleans, which will feature a mix of traditional and modern cuisine.


In conclusion, Karen is the backbone of Kevin’s personal and professional life. She has been a constant support system and has helped him achieve his dreams. Together, they make a great team and are an inspiration to many.