Mcdonald's Does Not Serve Hamburgers In Which Country?

The Surprising Truth About McDonald’s Menu in India

When you think of McDonald’s, you probably imagine juicy burgers, crispy fries, and refreshing sodas. But did you know that McDonald’s does not serve hamburgers in one of the biggest countries in the world? That’s right, we’re talking about India. So, why is that?

The History of McDonald’s in India

McDonald’s entered the Indian market in 1996, but they faced a big challenge right from the start. India has a large population of Hindus and Muslims who do not eat beef and pork respectively. Since hamburgers are made of beef, and cheeseburgers contain beef and pork, McDonald’s had to come up with a different menu for the Indian market.

McDonald’s India introduced a range of vegetarian options such as McAloo Tikki, McVeggie, and Pizza McPuff. These dishes were made with potatoes, peas, and other vegetables and were a big hit with the Indian customers. In fact, McDonald’s India gets more than 70% of its sales from vegetarian options.

Why No Hamburgers?

While McDonald’s could have introduced chicken burgers and other non-beef options in India, they decided to go with a completely vegetarian menu. This decision was not only driven by the religious beliefs of the Indian customers but also by the local food culture.

In India, vegetarianism is not just a religious or ethical choice, but it is also a way of life for many people. The country has a rich tradition of vegetarian cuisine, and many Indians prefer to stick to their traditional food. McDonald’s recognized this fact and decided to offer a menu that would appeal to the local tastes.

The Success of McDonald’s in India

Despite not serving hamburgers, McDonald’s has been very successful in India. The company has more than 400 outlets across the country and plans to open more in the coming years. McDonald’s India is also known for its innovative marketing campaigns, such as the “McDonald’s Happy Price Menu” which offers affordable meals for budget-conscious customers.

Moreover, McDonald’s has also adapted its menu to cater to the local tastes. For example, they offer the McAloo Tikki burger, which is a vegetarian burger with a patty made of potatoes and peas. This burger has become so popular that it has even been exported to other countries.

The Future of McDonald’s in India

McDonald’s has big plans for India. The company is investing heavily in the country and wants to make India one of its biggest markets. In fact, McDonald’s India is one of the fastest-growing markets for the company globally.

In recent years, McDonald’s has introduced more localized options in its menu such as the Masala Dosa Brioche, which is a fusion of the traditional Indian dish and the Western-style burger. These innovations have helped McDonald’s to appeal to a wider range of customers in India.


McDonald’s decision not to serve hamburgers in India may have surprised many people, but it was a smart move that has paid off. By offering a completely vegetarian menu, McDonald’s has been able to tap into the local food culture and appeal to a wider range of customers. The success of McDonald’s in India is a testament to the power of adapting to local tastes and preferences.