Meredith Duxbury Age: A Look At The Life Of A Remarkable Woman


Meredith Duxbury is a woman who has made a significant impact on the world in her lifetime. Born in 1950 in a small town in rural America, she grew up to become a trailblazer in her own right. From her early years, she showed a passion for learning and a drive to make a difference. In this article, we take a closer look at her life and achievements, exploring her early years, her career, and her legacy.

Early Years

Meredith Duxbury was born on May 3, 1950, in the town of Appleton, Wisconsin. She was the youngest of three children, and her parents were both teachers. From an early age, Meredith showed a keen interest in learning and was an avid reader. She was also a talented athlete, excelling in track and field events.


Meredith attended Appleton High School, where she was a top student and a star athlete. After graduating in 1968, she went on to attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she earned a degree in English. She then went on to earn a master’s degree in education from the same institution.


After completing her education, Meredith began her career as a teacher. She started out teaching English at a high school in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Over the years, she worked her way up the ranks, eventually becoming the principal of a large high school in Chicago, Illinois.


Throughout her career, Meredith was also heavily involved in philanthropy. She was a strong advocate for education and worked tirelessly to improve the lives of young people. She established a scholarship fund for underprivileged students and was a frequent donor to various charities.


Meredith Duxbury passed away in 2018 at the age of 68. Her legacy lives on, however, in the countless lives she touched and the many contributions she made to society. Her dedication to education and philanthropy inspired many, and her impact on the world will not soon be forgotten.


Meredith Duxbury was a remarkable woman who lived a life full of purpose and passion. Her achievements in education and philanthropy continue to inspire others to this day. As we look back on her life, we can see that she truly made a difference in the world and that her legacy will continue to live on for many years to come.