Mike Ditka's Wife: A Look Into Their Love Story

The Beginning of their Relationship

Mike Ditka, the famous American football player and coach, met his wife, Diana, in 1973. At the time, he was working as an assistant coach for the Dallas Cowboys, and Diana was a flight attendant for American Airlines. They met on a flight from Chicago to Dallas, and it was love at first sight.

After several months of dating, Mike and Diana got married in 1977. They had four children together, and their marriage lasted for over 30 years.

Life as a Football Coach’s Wife

Being married to a football coach is not easy. Diana had to deal with long hours, frequent travel, and the pressure of being in the public eye. However, she always supported her husband and was his biggest fan.

During Mike’s time as the head coach of the Chicago Bears, Diana became a beloved figure in the city. She was known for her philanthropic work and her involvement in the team’s charity events.

Their Life After Football

After Mike retired from coaching, he and Diana moved to Florida, where they enjoyed spending time with their family and friends. They also became involved in charitable organizations, including the Mike Ditka Foundation, which raises money for children with special needs.

In 2018, Mike and Diana celebrated their 41st wedding anniversary. They are still going strong and are a true example of a long-lasting and loving marriage.

Tips for a Successful Marriage

Mike and Diana’s marriage has lasted for over 30 years, which is a testament to their love and commitment to each other. Here are some tips for a successful marriage:

  • Communicate openly and honestly
  • Show appreciation and gratitude
  • Support each other’s goals and dreams
  • Make time for each other
  • Laugh and have fun together


Mike Ditka and his wife, Diana, have been through a lot together. From the highs of winning Super Bowls to the lows of dealing with the pressures of fame, they have always stood by each other’s side. Their love and commitment to each other is a true inspiration, and we can all learn from their example.