Olympus Om10 Review: A Classic Film Camera Worth Checking Out In 2023


The Olympus OM10 is a classic 35mm film camera that was first introduced in 1979. It was part of the Olympus OM series, which was known for its compact and lightweight design. The OM10 was aimed at amateur photographers who wanted a reliable and easy-to-use camera. In this review, we will take a closer look at the Olympus OM10 and see if it is still worth checking out in 2023.

Design and Build Quality

The Olympus OM10 has a simple and elegant design that is typical of cameras from the 1970s. It has a metal body and a leatherette covering that gives it a premium look and feel. The camera is also surprisingly compact and lightweight, weighing in at just 430 grams. Despite its small size, the OM10 feels sturdy and well-built.

The camera has a built-in light meter that is located on the top of the camera. The light meter is activated by pressing the shutter button halfway down. The exposure settings are displayed in the viewfinder, which makes it easy to adjust the settings according to the lighting conditions.

Features and Performance

The Olympus OM10 is a fully manual camera that allows you to control the aperture and shutter speed settings. However, it also has an automatic mode that makes it easy for beginners to use. The camera has a range of shutter speeds from 1/1000th of a second to 1 second, as well as a bulb mode for long exposures.

The OM10 has a standard Olympus OM mount, which means that you can use a wide range of lenses with the camera. The camera also has a hot shoe for attaching an external flash.

In terms of performance, the OM10 is a reliable and easy-to-use camera. The light meter is accurate and the camera produces sharp and well-exposed images. The viewfinder is bright and clear, which makes it easy to compose and focus your shots.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Like any camera, the Olympus OM10 has its pros and cons. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of this camera:


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Easy to use, even for beginners
  • Accurate light meter
  • Wide range of lenses available
  • Reliable performance


  • Fully manual mode may be too advanced for some beginners
  • No built-in flash
  • Noisy shutter
  • No depth-of-field preview button


The Olympus OM10 is a classic 35mm film camera that is still worth checking out in 2023. Its compact and lightweight design, combined with its reliable performance, make it a great choice for amateur photographers who want a simple and easy-to-use camera. While it has some limitations, such as its noisy shutter and lack of built-in flash, the OM10 is still a great camera that can produce high-quality images. If you are looking for a classic film camera that won’t break the bank, the Olympus OM10 is definitely worth considering.