Who Is Patrick Kane's Girlfriend? Everything You Need To Know


Patrick Kane is one of the most popular ice hockey players in the world, known for his incredible skills on the ice. However, his personal life has also been a topic of discussion among his fans. One of the most talked-about aspects of his personal life is his girlfriend. In this article, we will take a closer look at Patrick Kane’s girlfriend, including who she is, how they met, and more.

Who is Patrick Kane?

Before we dive into the details of his girlfriend, let’s take a quick look at who Patrick Kane is. He was born on November 19, 1988, in Buffalo, New York. He has been playing ice hockey since he was a child and has won numerous awards throughout his career. He currently plays for the Chicago Blackhawks in the National Hockey League (NHL).

Who is Patrick Kane’s Girlfriend?

Patrick Kane’s girlfriend is Amanda Grahovec. She is a beautiful blonde who has been with Kane for several years. Amanda is originally from Buffalo, New York, just like Kane, and the two reportedly met there.

How Did They Meet?

While the exact details of how they met are not known, it is believed that they met while Kane was playing for the Buffalo Sabres. Amanda was reportedly working as a waitress at a restaurant where Kane frequented, and the two hit it off.

How Long Have They Been Together?

Patrick Kane and Amanda Grahovec have been together for several years now. While the exact date of their anniversary is not known, it is believed that they have been together since around 2015.

What is Amanda Grahovec Like?

Amanda Grahovec is known for her beauty and her love of fitness. She is often seen working out and sharing her fitness tips on social media. She also has a passion for fashion and often posts pictures of her outfits on Instagram.

What Does She Do?

Amanda Grahovec is a professional model and fitness enthusiast. She has worked with several brands and companies, including Boutine LA and Fashion Nova.

How Does She Support Patrick Kane?

Amanda Grahovec is a supportive girlfriend and is often seen cheering on Patrick Kane at his games. She also supports him on social media, often posting pictures of them together or of Kane on the ice.

Their Relationship in the Public Eye

Patrick Kane and Amanda Grahovec have been in a public relationship for several years now. They are often seen together at events and on social media. However, they are also known for keeping their relationship relatively private.

Do They Post Pictures Together?

While Patrick Kane and Amanda Grahovec do post pictures together on social media, they do not share too many details about their relationship. They seem to prefer to keep things private and out of the public eye.

How Do Fans React to Their Relationship?

Fans of Patrick Kane have mixed reactions to his relationship with Amanda Grahovec. While many fans are supportive of the couple, others are critical of Amanda and the attention she receives. However, Kane has been known to defend his girlfriend and their relationship.


In conclusion, Patrick Kane’s girlfriend is Amanda Grahovec, a beautiful model and fitness enthusiast. The two have been together for several years and seem to have a strong and supportive relationship. While they keep things relatively private, they are often seen together at events and on social media.