Philadelphia Auto Show’s Black Tie Tailgate Returns

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Auto Dealers Association of Greater Philadelphia

If you’re looking for a thrill ride, a examination drive or to ogle some classic cars, caput into Philly for the best auto testify in the country.

Philadelphia Auto Show Executive Managing director Kevin Mazzucola has been with the show since 1998. “It’s been around for 120 years, so information technology’s office of the cloth of Philadelphia—there’south always a motorcar involved in our special memories.”

Originally from Montana and Wyoming, Mazzucola moved to Philly as a lobbyist for the motorcar manufacture. “There’s such a feeling towards tradition and ‘back in the day’ in Philly. It’s great.”

The Valley Forge resident practically gushes that although the goals of the testify are to educate and entertain visitors, “The prove brings in $50M for Philly, with 200K expected to attend this twelvemonth. It has a huge economic bear upon.”

Generations show up together on the Car Show floor—from “Back in the Day Way” for grandfather and his g-babies to dreamers and hopeful shoppers eyeing the exotic and super cars, the Bentleys, Rolls, McLaren, Aston Martin—and allow’s not forget “Custom Aisle” downstairs for the aftermarket, modified musculus crowd. With more people purchasing cars online through sites like Carvana, the evidence is a great identify to see your side by side purchase in person before you make that big decision. “The more than we get into digital purchasing of cars, the more the show becomes the place to ‘try on’ your next car,” Mazzucola says.

The show is also becoming more than interactive, with a patient atmosphere. “Virtually half the people who come to the prove will buy a car in the next 12 months,” says Mazzucola. With 75% of all new vehicle sales being trucks and SUVs, the prove includes three opportunities to examination ride this year:

  • Camp Jeep is the biggest off-road driving experience indoors via a one-of-a-kind rail with an exhilarating hill climb.

Camp Jeep at the Philadelphia Auto Show

  • Ram Truck Territory’south all-new 30,000 foursquare-human foot-rails features all-organic materials to simulate off-route experiences. Professional drivers volition provide auto show attendees with rides through moguls, over rolling loma obstacles and staggered logs, and nosotros dare you lot to try the 15-human foot-high hill climb.
  • At the e-Track, consumers volition be able to test-ride select manufacturers’ electric vehicles on an indoor rail to experience the capabilities of this fast-growing automotive segment.

etrack test drive at Philadelphia Auto Show

And that’s simply the fun part.

The Car Show’due south Blackness Tie Tailgate, a 1-of-a-kind preview party lauded every bit the biggest philanthropic blackness necktie event in the Philadelphia surface area, is back for 2023. The featured beneficiary is the Department of Nursing and Clinical Care Services at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. The Automobile Prove actually started a foundation in 2003 to support their charitable efforts. The human relationship between the Auto Show and CHOP began in 1986 with 200 people. The result has raised $10 million for CHOP and its diverse departments since 1986. This year, five to 6,000 guests are expected to attend the Black Tie Tailgate.

“We are extremely grateful for the generous and ongoing support CHOP receives from the Auto Dealers CARing for Kids Foundation, and we are excited well-nigh the upcoming Black Tie Tailgate,” says Madeline Bell, President and Chief Executive Officer of CHOP.

“CHOP nurses, respiratory therapists, technicians, support and administrative staff are committed to providing fantabulous care for patients and their families,” notes Paula Agosto, Senior Vice President and Organisation Chief Nursing Officer at CHOP. “Nosotros are then grateful to the Automobile Dealers CARing for Kids Foundation for helping to raise the funds we need to maintain our focus on high-quality, safe patient intendance and advance our educational and research missions.”

For himself,
hopes to become a good await at the silver 1968 Chevrolet Chevelle 396 SS convertible.

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