Redrafting The 2021 Nfl Draft: Who Would Be The Top Picks?


The 2021 NFL draft was full of surprises and controversies, as always. Many experts had predicted certain players to be drafted in the top 10, but it didn’t happen. Some teams made unexpected moves, while others missed out on key players. In this article, we will take a look at how the draft would have gone if we were to redraft it in 2023.

Top 5 Picks

If we were to redraft the 2021 NFL draft, the top 5 picks would look very different. Trevor Lawrence would still be the first overall pick, but the second pick would be Justin Fields instead of Zach Wilson. Fields had a better college career and has shown more promise in the NFL so far. The third pick would be Micah Parsons instead of Trey Lance. Parsons has been a dominant force for the Dallas Cowboys, while Lance has yet to start a game for the San Francisco 49ers. The fourth pick would be Ja’Marr Chase instead of Kyle Pitts. Chase has been a standout for the Cincinnati Bengals, while Pitts has struggled to find his footing with the Atlanta Falcons. The fifth pick would be Rashawn Slater instead of Penei Sewell. Slater has been a rock on the offensive line for the Los Angeles Chargers, while Sewell has struggled in his rookie season with the Detroit Lions.

Biggest Steals

There were several players who were drafted later than they should have been in the 2021 NFL draft. If we were to redraft it in 2023, these players would be picked much higher. One of the biggest steals would be Jaelan Phillips, who was drafted 18th overall by the Miami Dolphins. Phillips has been dominant as a pass rusher and would likely be a top 10 pick in a redraft. Another steal would be Christian Barmore, who was drafted 38th overall by the New England Patriots. Barmore has been a force on the defensive line and would likely be a first-round pick in a redraft.

Biggest Busts

Of course, there were also several players who were drafted too high and have not lived up to expectations. If we were to redraft the 2021 NFL draft, these players would likely fall much further. The biggest bust would be Zach Wilson, who was drafted second overall by the New York Jets. Wilson has struggled mightily in his rookie season and would likely fall out of the first round in a redraft. Another bust would be Caleb Farley, who was drafted 22nd overall by the Tennessee Titans. Farley has been plagued by injuries and would likely fall much further in a redraft.


Redrafting the 2021 NFL draft gives us a chance to see how things could have been different. While some players have exceeded expectations, others have fallen short. It will be interesting to see how these players develop over the coming years and whether or not their draft position was justified.