Ridiculous Machine Tools: A Hilarious Take On Industrial Machinery


Machine tools are an essential part of modern industrial processes. They help us shape, cut, drill, and mill various materials with precision and accuracy. However, not all machine tools are created equal. Some are downright ridiculous, both in terms of their design and their functionality. In this article, we will take a lighthearted look at some of the most absurd and comical machine tools ever created.

The Hammer Drill of Doom

First up, we have the hammer drill of doom. This machine looks like something out of a Mad Max movie, with its rusty metal frame, oversized drill bit, and smoke-belching engine. The hammer drill of doom is supposed to be used for drilling through concrete and other tough materials, but it’s more likely to cause an earthquake than make a hole.

The Sawing Spongebob

Next on our list is the sawing Spongebob. This machine is a strange hybrid of a saw and a cartoon character, with Spongebob’s face and arms attached to a rotating blade. It’s unclear what purpose this machine serves, but it’s sure to scare any children who happen to pass by.

The Whirlwind Welder

If you thought welding was a slow and steady process, think again. The whirlwind welder is a machine that spins like a top while shooting sparks in all directions. It’s like a fireworks show on steroids. The only problem is that it’s nearly impossible to control, and it’s more likely to weld your fingers together than join two pieces of metal.

The Gigantic Glue Gun

When you need to glue something together, you usually reach for a small tube of adhesive. But what if you need to glue together an entire building? That’s where the gigantic glue gun comes in. This machine is essentially a giant hot glue gun on wheels, capable of dispensing gallons of adhesive at a time. The only downside is that the glue takes forever to dry, so you’ll need to wait a few years before you can use whatever you glued together.

The Drill-Powered Dinosaur

Who needs a bulldozer when you have a drill-powered dinosaur? This machine looks like a cross between a T-Rex and a power drill, with its sharp teeth and spinning drill bit. It’s supposed to be used for digging trenches and demolishing buildings, but it’s more likely to scare away any potential customers.

The Chainsaw Chandelier

Finally, we have the chainsaw chandelier. This machine is a work of art and a horror movie prop all in one. It’s essentially a chandelier made out of chainsaws, with each saw spinning in a different direction. It’s not clear why anyone would want this in their home, but it’s sure to impress (or terrify) your guests.


Machine tools don’t have to be boring. These ridiculous machines show that there’s plenty of room for creativity and humor in the world of industrial machinery. Whether they’re functional or not, they’re sure to make you laugh (or cry). So the next time you need to drill a hole or cut a piece of metal, remember that there’s always a ridiculous machine tool out there that can do the job (or not).