Start your engines! Cleveland Auto Show kicks off today

The Cleveland Auto Testify is returning to the I-10 Eye in Cleveland from February. 24 through March 5. The show will host manufacturer exhibits and dealers to provide attendees insight into the newest models and technologies, and also bring them a sense of nostalgia through archetype machine displays.

Kevin Chernikoff, owner and partner at dealerships throughout the area, including Chrysler Contrivance Jeep Ram of Willoughby; Matt Greenberg, general manager at Bedford Nissan; and Major Harrison, possessor of MH3 Cars in Beachwood, discussed the excitement of the automobile show and how car dealers participate.

“It’s kind of the kick-start to the selling flavour, the bound selling season, where they prove all of the latest and greatest technology that they’re coming out with and they showcase some of their concept cars and people become excited most a given brand,” Chernikoff said.

Something unique well-nigh the motorcar bear witness is that the concept cars bear witness a brand’s plans for futurity technologies, he said, giving an example of electric vehicles being shown as concept cars back in 2015.

“Obviously, they were a long ways away from being produced, etc., etc., but that’due south probably the biggest thing that the auto show does,” Chernikoff said.

Current concept cars are showcasing technologies such as cell phone integration, which allows drivers to control their vehicles from apps on their phones, he said. They can control ignition, heating and locking. For electrical cars, these apps can as well show a driver how much battery is left and where the nearest charging station is.

He said he is excited the auto show is back this year at its usual time, as the COVID-xix pandemic derailed that for a few years.

“They managed to become it back to the springtime show, which I think will generate a lot more than traffic, a lot more than excitement, and we’ll get people into the dealerships to expect at the new models, new technology, new things that are coming out,” Chernikoff said. “I retrieve it’ll exist bigger and improve than it’s been in the past.”

Greenberg said he thinks many people wait until the auto show to buy a car because they want to see what is available.



“It kind of kicks off our busy season, the weather’s getting a little bit nicer right after the motorcar evidence, so it kind of gets people into buying mode,” he said. “Dealerships get a little fleck busier after that fourth dimension.”

He said the Cleveland Auto Show does a practiced job of getting all manufacturers to participate.

“Every manufacturer that I can remember of has a real nice display at that place and they besides have a lot of other things in that location,” he said. “They have classic car shows, they have a lot of contests, they have celebrities that come up and sign autographs. So, they really make it for all dissimilar sorts of people.”

Even if someone is not extremely interested in cars or is non looking to buy a new car, there are still many engaging things at the auto show for them to bask, he said.

“I know there’s a lot of motorcar shows beyond the country, but I’ve heard the Cleveland Auto Bear witness is 1 of the better ones,” he said. “The (Greater) Cleveland Machine Dealers’ Clan puts it on and they practice a really expert chore for u.s.a.,” Greenberg said.

He said he is looking forward to unveiling new products at this year’south show.

“We have some new products that have come out,” he said. “The pandemic, the final few years, they had to cancel the auto show, and then they did accept it concluding year just I remember a lot of people were still a picayune nervous to come out. So, I’g looking forward to people really getting out there this twelvemonth and seeing what at that place is and really seeing what (we have) to offer because we have a lot of new cars with new technology and trunk styles, and nosotros just want to show Cleveland residents what that’southward all about.”

Dealers ofttimes offer automobile show-sectional deals, he pointed out. It is a skillful fourth dimension to buy a auto because car lots are getting fuller, which is a change from the last few years in which inventory was at a shortage, he said.

“(Lots are) more total, deals are getting a little bit meliorate, dealerships are getting a little more aggressive to sell cars,” Greenberg said.

Harrison said the auto show brings increased traffic menstruation for dealers.



“You lot have a trivial bit of excitement in the air because there haven’t been plenty cars for the past two and a one-half years, so that leads to increased traffic flow via internet and via customers coming in,” he said.

Something unique about the auto show is that people get to see all of the cars in the same identify, at the same time, so they’re not driving “a half hour here, xx minutes there,” Harrison noted.

This also allows buyers to more efficiently eliminate cars that may not work for them due to elements such as interior spaces that are too small-scale or equipment packages that don’t line up with what they are looking for, he said.

“You lot become to meet multiple choices at the same identify,” Harrison said. “It saves time. That’s the best part for the consumer.”

Some of the manufacturers are placing cars in the parking lot at the I-10 Center and making them bachelor for examination driving this twelvemonth, he said.

“They have an indoor and an outdoor showroom for customers this year,” he said.

Are you going to go to the 2023 Cleveland Car Show?

While a person can not physically purchase a machine on the spot at the Cleveland Automobile Show, the testify still helps the consumer in the buying process, he said. Salespeople can gather a prospective buyer’s data and send it straight to the dealership, which will assistance give them an idea of what they volition take to pay for a car they are interested in.

“This year’south auto bear witness – at present that cars are becoming more available, you have manufacturers that cars are becoming more than available – information technology’s a pretty exciting fourth dimension,” Harrison said. “We get to pick up some nice merchandise-ins that a lot of people, who typically leased the car and turned it in, concluded up buying theirs out because it was a smarter decision than leasing another car. That’south one affair. The other thing is increased traffic flow. More people are excited near buying a car right now.”


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