Troy Landry's Wife: Who Is She?


Troy Landry is a famous American alligator hunter and reality TV personality known for his appearance on the History Channel’s show, “Swamp People.” While Troy has gained much attention for his work in the swamp, many people are curious about his personal life, especially his wife.

Early Life of Troy Landry’s Wife

Troy Landry’s wife, Bernita Landry, was born and raised in Louisiana. She grew up in a small town and attended high school there. After completing her education, she worked various jobs, including as a waitress and a retail store associate.

Meeting Troy Landry

Bernita met Troy when she was working at a local restaurant. Troy, who was a regular customer, noticed her and started talking to her. They hit it off immediately and started dating soon after.

Marriage and Family Life

Bernita and Troy got married in 1981 and have been together ever since. They have three children together, two sons and a daughter. Their children have all appeared on “Swamp People” with their father.

Supporting Troy’s Career

Bernita has been a supportive wife throughout Troy’s career. She often helps him with his work in the swamp, including baiting lines and handling alligators. She also manages their family business, which includes a crawfish and alligator farm.

Bernita’s Personal Interests

Bernita enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She also likes to cook and is known for her delicious Cajun dishes. In her free time, she enjoys fishing and hunting with her husband.

Philanthropy Work

Bernita and Troy are also known for their philanthropy work. They often donate their time and resources to various charities and organizations in their community. They have also helped raise awareness about the importance of preserving Louisiana’s wetlands.


While Troy Landry is the one who has gained much fame through his work in the swamp, his wife Bernita has been an integral part of his life and career. Together, they have built a successful family business and have raised a loving family.