Understanding The True Brown Style Meaning


True Brown Style or TBS is a term that originated from the Philippines and is commonly used by Filipinos all around the world. It is a subculture that is heavily influenced by hip-hop, streetwear, and graffiti, and is often associated with a certain fashion style, music, and lifestyle.

The Origins of True Brown Style

The term True Brown Style was first coined by a group of graffiti artists in the Philippines who called themselves TBS Crew. They started using the term to describe their unique style of graffiti art, which was heavily influenced by hip-hop and street culture. Soon, the term became associated with not just graffiti, but also fashion and lifestyle.

The Fashion and Style of True Brown Style

The fashion and style of TBS is heavily influenced by hip-hop and streetwear. It is characterized by oversized t-shirts, baggy jeans, hoodies, and sneakers. The color palette is usually muted and earthy, with a lot of browns, greens, and greys.

One of the most distinctive features of TBS fashion is the use of bandanas. TBS enthusiasts often wear bandanas around their necks or heads, and they use them as a way to show their allegiance to the subculture.

The Music of True Brown Style

The music of TBS is also heavily influenced by hip-hop. TBS enthusiasts often listen to underground hip-hop artists, and they also have a strong appreciation for old-school hip-hop and boom bap beats.

One of the most popular TBS artists is Gloc-9, a Filipino rapper who is known for his socially conscious lyrics and unique flow. Other popular TBS artists include Abra, Loonie, and Ron Henley.

The Lifestyle of True Brown Style

The lifestyle of TBS is all about authenticity and staying true to oneself. TBS enthusiasts often value creativity, individuality, and self-expression. They are also heavily influenced by Filipino culture and history, and they often incorporate these elements into their art, music, and fashion.

One of the most important aspects of the TBS lifestyle is community. TBS enthusiasts often form tight-knit communities that support each other and share a common love for hip-hop, street culture, and Filipino heritage.

The Controversy Surrounding True Brown Style

Despite its popularity, TBS has also been met with controversy. Some critics argue that it glorifies gang culture and violence, and that it promotes a negative image of Filipino youth.

However, supporters of TBS argue that it is a positive subculture that promotes creativity, self-expression, and community. They also point out that TBS has helped to showcase Filipino talent and culture on a global stage.

The Future of True Brown Style

The future of TBS looks bright, as it continues to gain popularity not just in the Philippines, but also around the world. With the rise of social media, TBS enthusiasts are able to connect with each other and share their art, music, and fashion with a wider audience.

As TBS evolves and grows, it will continue to be a unique and vibrant subculture that celebrates creativity, individuality, and Filipino heritage.


True Brown Style is a subculture that has its roots in graffiti art, but has since grown to encompass fashion, music, and lifestyle. It is heavily influenced by hip-hop and street culture, and is characterized by a unique fashion style, music, and lifestyle.

Despite the controversy surrounding TBS, it continues to grow and gain popularity around the world. As it evolves and grows, it will continue to be a celebration of creativity, individuality, and Filipino heritage.