When Do Your Hips Widen During Pregnancy?


Pregnancy is a beautiful journey, full of ups and downs, and it brings a lot of changes in a woman’s body. One of the most noticeable changes that women experience during pregnancy is the widening of their hips. But, when does it happen? Let’s dive into the details.

Why Do Hips Widen During Pregnancy?

The body of a pregnant woman produces hormones, including relaxin and progesterone, that help to loosen the ligaments and joints in the pelvic area. As a result, the pelvic bones become more flexible, allowing the baby to pass through the birth canal easily. This process is known as pelvic relaxation, and it leads to the widening of the hips.

When Do Hips Widen During Pregnancy?

The process of hip widening varies from woman to woman. However, it usually starts in the second trimester, around 14 to 24 weeks of pregnancy. During this time, the body produces more relaxin, which causes the pelvic bones to start loosening up gradually.

How Much Do Hips Widen During Pregnancy?

The amount of hip widening during pregnancy can vary from woman to woman. On average, the hips can widen up to 2 to 3 centimeters, but some women may experience more or less widening. The widening of the hips is essential for the birth of the baby, and it is a natural process.

Do All Women Experience Hip Widening During Pregnancy?

Yes, all women experience some degree of hip widening during pregnancy. However, the amount of widening can vary. Some women may experience only a slight widening, while others may experience a more significant change in their hip size.

Are There Any Exercises To Prevent Hip Widening During Pregnancy?

No, there are no exercises to prevent hip widening during pregnancy. It is a natural process that occurs to make childbirth easier. However, regular exercise during pregnancy can help to keep the pelvic muscles strong, which can make the delivery process smoother.

How To Deal With Hip Widening During Pregnancy?

Hip widening during pregnancy can cause discomfort and pain in some women. To deal with this, you can try wearing comfortable clothes and shoes, using pregnancy pillows while sleeping, and doing exercises that help to strengthen the pelvic muscles. You can also consult your doctor for pain relief medication if necessary.

Can Hip Widening Cause Any Long-Term Effects?

No, hip widening during pregnancy does not cause any long-term effects. After delivery, the pelvic bones return to their original size gradually, and the hip size also goes back to normal.


Hip widening during pregnancy is a natural process that occurs to make the delivery process easier. It usually starts in the second trimester and can vary in degree from woman to woman. While it can cause discomfort and pain, there are ways to deal with it, and it does not cause any long-term effects. If you have any concerns or questions about hip widening during pregnancy, consult your doctor.