Words That Start With "Do" – A Comprehensive Guide


If you are a lover of the English language, you must be aware of how important it is to expand your vocabulary. One of the best ways to do so is by learning new words. In this article, we will be exploring words that start with “do”.

What Are Words That Start With “Do”?

Words that start with “do” are words that have the letters “d” and “o” as the first two letters of the word. These words could be verbs, adjectives, nouns, or adverbs.

Verbs That Start With “Do”

1. Do – to perform an action

2. Double-check – to check something again to ensure accuracy

3. Dominate – to have control or power over something

4. Dote – to show excessive love or fondness for someone or something

5. Donate – to give something to someone or an organization as a gift or contribution

Adjectives That Start With “Do”

1. Domineering – being excessively controlling or bossy

2. Doable – able to be done or accomplished

3. Dormant – temporarily inactive or in a state of rest

4. Doting – showing love or fondness in an excessive or foolish way

5. Domestic – relating to the home or family

Nouns That Start With “Do”

1. Doctor – a person who is trained and licensed to practice medicine

2. Doll – a small toy in the shape of a human or animal

3. Dog – a domesticated mammal that is often kept as a pet or used for hunting

4. Donkey – a domesticated mammal that is often used for transportation

5. Domination – the act of controlling or having power over something

Adverbs That Start With “Do”

1. Doubtfully – in a way that expresses uncertainty or lack of belief

2. Domestically – relating to or involving the home or family

3. Double – two times as much or as many

4. Downstairs – on or to a lower floor of a building

5. Downward – moving or pointing towards a lower position or level

Why Should You Learn Words That Start With “Do”?

Learning new words is an essential part of expanding your vocabulary, and it can help you communicate more effectively. Words that start with “do” are particularly useful because they are so versatile. Whether you are writing a paper, having a conversation, or just trying to express yourself in a more precise way, having a wide range of vocabulary can make a big difference.

How Can You Learn Words That Start With “Do”?

There are many ways to learn new words, but some of the most effective methods include reading, using flashcards, and practicing with friends or family members. You can also use online resources such as dictionaries, thesauruses, and word games to help you expand your vocabulary.


Words that start with “do” are an important part of the English language, and they can help you communicate more effectively. Whether you are trying to improve your writing, impress your friends, or just learn something new, expanding your vocabulary is always a good idea. So why not start today?