Zip Codes In Beverly Hills Ca: A Comprehensive Guide


If you’re planning a visit to Beverly Hills, California, or are considering moving to this upscale city, it’s essential to know about the zip codes in the area. Beverly Hills is known for its luxurious homes, high-end shopping, and celebrity sightings. With a population of just under 35,000, it’s a small but exclusive community. In this article, we’ll cover the zip codes in Beverly Hills and what you need to know about each one.

The Zip Codes of Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills has four primary zip codes: 90210, 90211, 90212, and 90213. Each zip code covers a different area of the city, so let’s take a closer look at each one.


The 90210 zip code is perhaps the most famous in Beverly Hills, thanks to the popular 1990s TV show of the same name. This zip code covers the Beverly Hills Post Office area, which is technically not part of the city of Beverly Hills but is adjacent to it. The Beverly Hills Post Office area is home to some of the most exclusive and expensive homes in the country, including the famed “90210” mansion.


The 90211 zip code covers the eastern part of Beverly Hills, including the Beverly Hills Triangle area. This area is known for its high-end shopping and dining, including the famous Rodeo Drive. Many of the city’s luxury hotels and resorts are also located in this zip code.


The 90212 zip code is located in the heart of Beverly Hills and covers the downtown area. This is where you’ll find the city’s government buildings, including City Hall and the police department. The zip code is also home to many of the city’s cultural attractions, including the Beverly Hills Public Library and the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts.


The 90213 zip code is an exclusive P.O. Box zip code that is reserved for businesses and organizations located in Beverly Hills. It’s not a residential area, but it’s worth noting for those who may need to send mail to a Beverly Hills business or organization.

Zip Code Tips for Beverly Hills

Now that you know the different zip codes in Beverly Hills, here are some tips to keep in mind when using them:

Use the Correct Zip Code

Make sure you use the correct zip code when sending mail or packages to Beverly Hills. Using the wrong zip code can cause delays or even result in your mail being returned to you.

Know Your Neighborhood

If you’re moving to Beverly Hills, it’s essential to know which zip code your home or apartment is located in. This can help you better understand the neighborhood and what it has to offer.

Use a Zip Code Map

If you’re unsure which zip code you need, use a map to help you find the correct one. There are many online resources available that can help you locate zip codes in Beverly Hills and other areas.


Knowing the zip codes in Beverly Hills is essential for anyone visiting or living in the area. Whether you’re sending mail, ordering packages, or just trying to get a better understanding of the city, understanding the different zip codes can make your life easier. We hope this guide has been helpful and informative, and we wish you the best of luck in your Beverly Hills adventures!